The collection focuses on current social polarization, and how we create walls around our own ideas which divide the population. It talks about the loss of the ability to communicate with others to know different opinions. Having just one point of view creates a fragile fake-truth which can be tear down through dialogue, understanding & empathy. The society must find common ground in order to build a cohesive society hate-free.
The outer wear pieces represent this fragile fake-true which can disappear easily without the satin bands, and the inner true-looks show us the cohesion and the understanding.
A proposal for Redress Design Award 2021
The most important part of my work was that I designed the collection before the searching-fabric, keeping in mind which kind (fabric and typology) of second-hand garments are the most available. In this way, all the designs are adapted to these characteristics, so I can reproduce the complete collection. I also worked on the development of “new fabric rolls” joining the pieces of garments creating a large patchwork to have my own stock of handmade upcycled fabric, thus i can reuse the trims, have a control of the separation by compositions and recycle the most common (and sometimes forgotten) garments.

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