I'm Maillen, a sustainable and activewear fashion designer, with a degree in Fashion Design and a Master's in Sustainability and Fashion Co-Creation. I have gained experience at sustainable and ethical fashion brands in India, Spain, and New York, focusing on women's design. During my time there, I specialized in implementing various sustainable strategies such as upcycling, zero waste, and certified eco-friendly materials.
Currently, I am working in the outdoor and activewear industry, where I am involved in apparel design, graphic textile design, and garment development. This field has become my second passion. I strive to ensure that my collections not only cater to the present needs but also consider the end of the garment's lifecycle, offering something new and beneficial to the industry, society, and the environment.
I have included a sample of my work, which will give you a glimpse into my creative mindset. However, it's important to note that design is an evolving process, and these examples represent just a fraction of the tools I possess today. I am always eager to take on new challenges and continue my growth as a designer.
Here you will find some pieces of my work, with which you will have a quick idea from my mind. But remember! Design is evolution, so these are just some of the tools that I have today, tomorrow I will be ready for new challenges ;)
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